FOSEP Slack Discussion: Ethics of Genetic Modification of Human Embryos

By Humaira Taz Last Thursday, 2nd November 2017, FOSEP members had a discussion on another debated topic: genetic modification of human embryos. Yes, you read that correct. We have far outstepped the era of genetically modified food and are now in the age where human embryos can be genetically modified as well. First question: how?... Continue Reading →


FOSEP Slack Discussion: Science and ethics of abortion and birth control policies in the U.S.

By Humaira Taz FOSEP’s slack discussion on 26th October, Thursday was on a very controversial topic: policies related to birth control and abortion. To inform everyone a little bit about this topic, one of our senior members, Mallory Ladd had put together a nice document summarizing some facts on the topic. In 1973, abortion was... Continue Reading →

FOSEP Slack Discussion: Clean Coal

With the government being so heavily focused on coal, it raised the question of how much of the economy actually depends on coal. Turns out that the coal industry contributes to less than 0.3% of the US GDP. The Washington Post made a hilarious comparison that the coal industry employs fewer people than Arby's! Given the employment numbers for the different industries, why does the death of the coal industry seem so detrimental to our economy? Marie mentioned that it might be a localization issue. Coal mines are so localized and concentrated in certain regions that when a they shut down, entire towns go under the economy. When media covers the topic it looks like an economical disaster to the general public. "[It's] interesting to think about the role the media is playing in the way we think about coal...and the power of narrative vs facts", she concluded.

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