Upcoming Event: Staged Reading of Informed Consent


On April 23rd 2017, Sunday, campus organizations All Campus Theater and FOSEP are holding a staged reading of the play “Informed Consent” by Deborah Zoe Laufer. The play was inspired by a court case between a researcher at an Arizona university and a Native American tribe living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The researcher is a genetic anthropologist, interested in studying the genetic makeup of a Native American tribe that lives at the bottom of the grand canyon. However, in order to get blood samples from the tribe, she promises them that the samples will be used to help reduce the outbreak of diabetes that has come upon the tribe. When she traces their migratory patterns out of Asia, the results stand directly in conflict with the tribe’s origin story. There is much outrage and mistrust because she tricked the tribe, although she doesn’t see it as tricking them – all she did was follow where the data led her.

The staged reading will be followed by an intriguing discussion of science ethics. Although the researcher simply ran some tests on blood samples, was she justified in tricking the tribe to obtain those samples? Are you allowed to deceive people to pursue scientific knowledge? When science leads to a result that contradicts religious beliefs, what do you do? Do you choose to ignore the very science that explains how canyons were formed and why we don’t float on Earth?

Don’t miss this exciting event! We hope to see you at the Hodges Auditorium on Sunday at 6:30PM!


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