Recap of General Body Meeting and Dr. Neal Stewart’s Visit

On April 16th, Dr. Neal Stewart of Plant Sciences was kind enough to join us for a discussion of genetically modified organisms, policy, and science communication with the public. Dr. Stewart has provided slides for review, however the meeting focused on question and answer as well as overall group discussion.

Below you will find a minutes recap of the general body meeting as well as Dr. Stewart’s visit.

The PowerPoint slides may be found here:  GE facts and myths-2016

April 16th, 2016: FOSEP Minutes from Dr. Neal Stewart Jr.

Panhellenic Building 202 @ 5:30 p.m.

FOSEP Officers:

Victoria H. DiStefano (VHD), Thomas Handler (TH), William T. Hartwig (WTH), Nannan Jiang (NJ),

Marie C. Kirkegaard (MCK), Mallory P. Ladd (MPL), Ishita Ray (IR), Jessica M. Velez (JMV)

General meeting

  1. Officer nominations beginning summer 2016 through spring 2017
  2. Newly nominated officers will share positions with incumbents over summer 2016
  3. Taking nominations until Saturday, April 23, by 11:59 p.m.
  4. Nominations for Media Relations
  5. Kaitlin J. Palla
  6. Nominations for Treasurer
  7. Ryan J. Daniels
  8. Ernesto C. Z. Suarez
  9. Seminar topics of interest
  10. Unmanned aerial vehicles
  11. Drone ethics
  12. Consider contacting Peter Fuhr @ ORNL
  13. Self-driving cars
  14. Security
  15. Consider Stacey Prowell @ ORNL

III. Debate topics of interest

  2. Fracking
  3. Fuel cycle reprocessing
  4. Genetically modified organisms
  5. Nuclear power
  6. Science writing
  7. STEM education
  8. Open access to publicly funded research published in closed access journals
  9. Consider Open Access Week (October 24th-30th, 2016)
  10. AAAS Science communications workshop
  11. 8 people interested (of those in attendance)


GE Crops: Rumors, myths and science (C. Neal Stewart Jr.)

  1. American Society of Plant Biologists
  2. C. Neal Stewart Jr. served on policy committee to meet D.C. staffers
  3. Very few with science degrees
  4. Must learn to communicate at non-technical level
  5. Using jargon in executive summary = road block
  • Perhaps worst enemy of science communication
  1. Teaches course PS525

2 largest economic impactsimg_20160419_1816145_26257952000_o

  1. Soybeans in Brazil
  2. Oil palm in Malaysia
  3. Can search for “am I regulated”
  5. Bt-corn vs. pesticides
  6. People have died from pesticides
  7. Nobody has died from Bt plant
  8. Jill Seralini and Sprague-Dawley rats
  9. Terminator technology to prevent gene flow

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