The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 2035: How to plan (way) ahead

Many people have a difficult time imagining where they will be in five years. Now imagine making plans that will affect millions of people spread across seven states 20 years in advance. That’s the challenge workers at the TVA faced when drawing up their most recent Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).


Last week, members of FOSEP were lucky enough to hear Dr. Gary Brinkworth discuss how analysts at the TVA tackled this daunting challenge. Planning had to take into account the way electricity use and generation is going to change over the next twenty years – distributed generation via user installed solar, increased use of renewables, and changes in demand as populations and the needs of people changed. It also had to balance competing interests – industry versus individual users, the need for environmentally conscious power versus maintaining lower costs, and compliance with the Federal Clean Power Plan across multiple states which requires cooperation with neighboring utilities. Take a look at Dr. Brinkworth’s slides to learn how analysts at the TVA approached this intriguing problem and see what the results were.

~Will Hartwig, FOSEP Founding Member

Check out the presentation slides for more information!


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